Friday Five - Mr C's Top Five Films from 2011

Published January 6, 2012

The end of the year is always a bit review heavy, but you’re bound to have room for just a couple more. It’s time for Mr C’s annual look at his favourite films and music of the year. You know what I think about all the films we watch because I blog them incessantly, but Mr C lives through most of them as well, so it’s only fair that he gets a word in edgeways.

These are the top five films that were released in 2011, that we watched in 2011, according to Mr C:

  1. Source Code. “Genuinely the most original storyline to come from an industry obsessed with sequels. A good take, liked that it was different, couldn’t see the ending coming.” (Film Watch link)
  2. Horrible Bosses. “I don’t remember the last time I watched a film twice back to back.” (Film Watch link)
  3. The Adjustment Bureau. “2011’s Inception. Really liked the premise, and the execution. The ending was a bit weak, otherwise it could easily have been my favourite film of the year.” (Film Watch link)
  4. Limitless. “Again, a brilliantly original storyline, and also I wasn’t expecting Bradley Cooper to be as good as he was. Even better in that than he was in the Hangover. Great use of post-production effects to support the story.” (Film Watch link)
  5. Super 8. “The greatest train crash ever filmed. I liked the idea of a film within a film, it was like Dawson’s Creek goes to the movies. The only downside was that the Super 8 camera was underplayed.” (Film Watch link)

Honourable mentions should go to some films we watched this year that could have featured in the 2010 list but we didn’t watch them in time:

  • Easy A. “Most surprising because I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. I loved the parents, I want her parents as my parents because they were ace.” (Film Watch link)
  • Unstoppable. “Despite being over-dramatised and contrived for the sake of cinema, it’s a movie I could easily watch again. The two main characters were brilliant and complemented each other perfectly.” (Film Watch link)
  • Despicable Me. “Out-Pixaring Pixar.” (Film Watch link)

Do let us know what your top films of 2011 were!

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