129. Easy A

Published April 19, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: Easy A Director: Will Gluck Year: 2010 Run time: 1hr 32

Background Info

I wasn’t really sure about this one, but Mr C played me the trailer a couple of times and it did look amusing. After the fast-talking male-dominated antics in The Social Network, it was good to see the girls getting to do some talking.

Live Blog

00:00:59 - Creative titles. I like. 00:02:50 - “Go hit the books, they don’t hit back.” ****00:06:02 - I don’t know the pocket full of sunshine song. I fear it will be stuck in my head though. 00:07:02 - “…lie after lie. It was like setting up Jenga.” 00:09:06 - It’s funny she calls her long words obnoxious. Dawson’s Creek made a killing on that premise. 00:11:16 - It’s depressing to hear people talk about songs from their childhood and it be the Pussycat Dolls! 00:14:01 - He really is the best teacher. There are no teachers like that in real life, surely? 00:18:17 - I want to high five a mascot! 00:20:16 - Spell it with your peas! They are the best family ever. 00:24:55 - I wonder what my identifier would be. Actually, I dread to think. 00:27:36 - She has lovely colour hair. 00:31:56 - I can’t believe she let them in her room like that. 00:36:07 - The parents are the best part of this film. 00:42:29 - The Christian group seems quite small.** **00:44:18 - “When will High School end already?” Oh boy, I know that feeling. 00:47:48 - Movie references. 00:47:58 - “John Hughes did not direct my life.”** **00:50:22 - It’s Phoebe!** **00:56:24 - They do pottery in school? 01:02:25 - It’s all so sunny and bright. 01:03:59 - No one was getting hurt… except herself and her reputation.** **01:04:57 - A wizard! 01:09:20 - I hope the lobster shack serves more than just lobster. Yeugh. 01:09:51 - Also, not a fan of the idea of a restaurant where you need a branded bib. 01:13:13 - All because she didn’t have an exit strategy. 01:15:31 - He’s a bit corny though. 01:17:33 - She’s actually calling him Lobster Todd! 01:21:57 - What is this habit of sitting on cars? Mine is far too filthy to consider it! 01:24:04 - Musical number for no apparent reason! 01:27:31 - They’re riding a lawnmower off into the sunset. Bless.** **


Ooh, I really enjoyed this one. It’s full of teenagers who really aren’t that annoying, except the ones that are meant to be. Emma Stone has a really engaging way about her, and can pull off even those webcam bits.

The story is good, the casting seems strong, and the dialogue is fun. I can’t really fault it, but I do feel it isn’t quite a five out of five. I think my one complaint is that the family - the mum and dad - really are the best bit about it, and I’m not sure that’s the way it should be. Definitely recommended.

Rating: 4/5

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