2012 Wk 1, Seeing the wood for the trees

Published January 8, 2012

After running on New Year’s Day, I started my new regime - which essentially was “running more.” I wasn’t sure exactly what the plan was, but I had found a suitable route for the less than daylight post-work hour. Having said that, it’s amazing how quickly the daylight extends once the shortest day of the year is out the way.

So, I ran on Bank Holiday Monday to try and get in a routine, and then I ran on Tuesday to make sure running after work really was part of the deal. I must say that I really loved getting back to running at that time of day - I think that’s the hour that suits me best.

However, Tuesday was a difficult run and my ankles protested almost immediately started. Some lovely RunKeeper folks said I was pushing too hard, and it’s obvious now that going from once a week to three days in a row is probably too big of a step. I took Wednesday as a rest day and was prepared to go on Thursday. Except I was struck down with an evil headache and had to lie down almost immediately I came home. Fridays are not an option, and Saturday was busy busy.

So, that brings me to this very day. I guess the idea is to run shorter distances during the week (I can spare about half an hour on a weekday), with a longer run at the weekend.

Running graph

That’s my best 5k to date, and I’m so annoyed that I just missed out on breaking into 41minutes. This route intrigues me so much because the elevation is higher, but it is so gradual that I can run better. Although I did make a misguided detour through the trees that was far too muddy and left me getting lost a bit. You can see the spike on the graph where I had to pause and figure out which direction I was meant to be going in. I’ll try and avoid that next time.

The first two weeks at the new place have gone well, but we’ll just have to see how it goes.

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