Published April 13, 2011


Film info

  • Title Unstoppable
  • Director Tony Scott
  • Year 2010
  • Run time 1hr 29m
  • Genres Thriller, Action
  • Tagline 1,000,000 tons. 100,000 lives. 100 minutes.

Inspired by actual events, Unstoppable is an adrenaline rush fuelled by director Tony Scott's signature mark of propulsive action rooted in the reality of ordinary people placed in extraordinary circumstances. A veteran train engineer (Denzel Washington) and a young conductor (Star Trek's Chris Pine) race the clock to stop an unmanned runaway train--effectively a missile the size of a skyscraper--and prevent disaster in a heavily populated area.

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Have been looking forward to this one for months, since I very first saw the trailer. Sat and waited for it through the cinema, waited for it whilst it was to buy on iTunes and finally it was to rent. Watched it as soon as we possibly could.

Live Blog

Time Comment
00:01:31 - I like their attempts to make trains seem bad and evil. My guess is it is human error.
00:03:08 - This Chris Pine chap reminds me very much of Matt Damon.
00:05:39 - When she introduces the Railway Safety Campaign to a class full of kids, you get a sense of foreboding.**
** 00:08:06 - I don’t really know what’s going on, I don’t speak train, I’m just waiting for the runaway.
00:11:27 - Genius! They managed to censor a swearword between train carriages passing!
00:12:18 - These people spend a lot of time on personal things and not paying attention to the job in hand.
**00:14:50 **- He just drove right in front of a train - how is that possible?
**00:17:39 **- Being late for work has it’s advantages then.
**00:18:53 **- Ooh, it’s like the High Line but with actual trains running.
**00:22:26 **- Yay! Runaway train!
**00:23:46 **- That may be going more than 10mph.
**00:28:29 **- “In training they just give you an F. In the real world, you get killed.” Ominous.
**00:32:15 **- I like her. She’s organised and not panicking.
**00:35:20 **- It’s like the end of Back to the Future, but bigger… and with horses.
**00:39:04 - Ooh, 70mph. Great way to measure it, with a traffic speed camera.
** **00:40:02 **- They’re not going to lower him down? Mental!
**00:41:58 **- I like telling the story partly by news items.
**00:44:59 **- This seemed like a crazy idea, and it is not working.
**00:46:38 - Confused why the train didn’t go down the siding too.
****00:49:13 - He’s mad at her for not telling them, but he wouldn’t tell her anything earlier. Can’t have it both ways.
** 00:52:44 - Better to be behind it!
00:54:30 - “Do you think it’s possible to get it up to… 90?”
00:57:10 - I love this film!**
**01:05:44 - I like that they are friends now.
01:12:36 - That helicopter is pretty annoying. How on earth can they concentrate?
01:14:47 - Gaffa tape solves everything!
01:18:34 - At least it has stopped raining grain now.
01:21:58 - They can’t have done a good job at evacuating, there are people everywhere.
01:22:20 - Couldn’t he have kept on climbing to the front of the train?
01:24:44 - You’ve got to have some epic balance to run along the top of a train at 70mph.
01:27:06 - That was a massive jump.
01:29:57 - Woo! Even though he fired them both!**


Ohh I loved this so much. What is great about it is that all the action happens, but in the end only one person is killed off, so it’s not massively blood-thirsty.

The only two negatives are the fact that there is no way the media could get to the places so quickly and no way they could have so much information - however as noted above, I do like that it is used as a way of telling the story. I can imagine it would be quite dull just to watch people and trains and stuff. It spices things up a bit.

Also, the beginning is a bit slow, but really, it’s only about ten minutes before the action begins, and as you get to it, it’s all quite important groundwork.

I’d watch this again any day.

Rating: 5/5

Rating: 5 / 5

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