193. Horrible Bosses

Published December 17, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: Horrible Bosses Director: Seth Gordon Year: 2011 Run time: 1hr 38

Background Info

I wasn’t at all convinced about this one. The trailer made it look like an interesting enough comedy - at least not a romcom for a change. I’ve quite liked Jason Bateman in previous things we have watched but I don’t know the other two. I was worried about Jennifer Aniston’s character too - people aren’t really allowed to mess with my impression of Friends.

Live Blog

0:51 - What state does your lime have to be in to resemble a Kiwi fruit? 4:20 - “Anyone who hates their job has no one to blame but themselves.” Oh dear. 5:51 - They are, like, the complete opposite of lower thirds. 8:07 - Eight fifteen in the morning! 10:24 - That man’s voice is really high. 13:09 - Even if he wasn’t the evillest boss ever, I wouldn’t like him because of his yellow tie. 17:02 - “This is just an ATM to me.” 20:33 - High fives! 25:34 - iPad in actual use in a film. Bet they never thought the gallery would be used for that. 30:00 - The guns they screw together are the coolest things. I am so on board with these guys. 31:37 - It’s Gruffudd again!!! OMG! Also, he is rrrrubbish at hiding his Welsh accent. 36:06 - Bidness. 44:08 - That’s proper hardcore pulling a sicky, that is. 44:36 - “It’s on like Donkey Kong.” Don’t you get sued for saying that? 54:18 - Angry Birds too? Product placement alert. 1:00:47 - “It’s a murder, not a cocktail party.” This movie is pretty quotable. 1:04:58 - Woah!! 1:10:29 - Drag racing in a Prius. That’s a thought. 1:11:57 - That was an excellent high five. I have envy. 1:17:33 - I would be like that at a surprise party too. 1:23:39 - There are downsides to the whole Ford Sync kinda thing then. 1:24:51 - You can’t resist catch! 1:27:07 - Gregory!!


I’ll be honest, my notes for this film are pretty rubbish. I didn’t like the start very much - it was all quite obnoxious, loads of swearing and horrible people (bosses!). But, as soon as they started on their mission, it got a million times better. I pretty much started laughing and didn’t stop. As I tweeted moments after watching it:!/mrschristine/status/147830274082881538

The three of them, their interactions, and the situations they found themselves in were completely ridiculous but importantly, not all that predictable. I just… loved it. There aren’t enough words. My notes are bad because the start was poor but the second half was so good I was laughing too much to think of anything sensible to say.

There are a few clips out and about on the interwebs, but I’m not sure they’re completely representative out of context. Here’s one anyway.

I may have to watch it again.

**Rating: **55

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