You’ve stumbled across my blog, my digital scrapbook, my little slice of the big internet pie where I share what is going on in my world. I have a pretty shocking memory, so writing things down helps me keep track of the important things, and gives me somewhere to look back when I have forgotten. From domestic bliss, cooking and watching movies, through gadgets, wish lists and favourite apps, to travelling around and taking photographs, I’ll blog about what is interesting me at any particular moment.

For years I kept a handwritten diary, scribbling away every day. As soon as I heard about blogging, that was my preferred method of journalling, and I’ve had an online presence of some sort since 2002. I’ve tried my hand at all of the options – hosted, hand-coded, free, not so free, I’m keen to try all options. In the end, it’s not about where the words are, but what they are saying that’s more important.

I write about what I do and what I like, and if you do or like the same things, that’s brilliant. You can be my new best friend.

Given that we’re going to be friends, here are a few things you might like to know: currently living in the UK with my husband, you’ll see him referenced here as Mr C. We’re marvellously geeky, prefer indoors to outdoors, and will do anything to get the future to arrive faster. I work with numbers during the day to support my habit of writing, talking and tweeting words during the evenings. Creativity is always the goal.

This website is my little corner of the internet, but it’s not the only place you’ll find me. Here are a few other options if you’re interested in more Christine:

  • I’m a published author, visit my dedicated site for the books I’ve previously written. Hopefully there will be more.
  • I write and produce the sixty second sports bulletin F1Minute, and chatter about motorsport as co-founder of Sidepodcast.
  • Other social media sites I use include Twitter for mini updates, Instagram for the occasional photo, Goodreads for the books I’m digesting and Pinterest for when I allow myself the luxury of procrastination.

There are probably other social networks I’m on. Search for mrschristine, that’s always my preferred username. In summary, I write a lot and I talk a lot and if you’re keen to get in touch, ask me anything!