160. Source Code

Published August 17, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: Source Code Director: Duncan Jones Year: 2011 Run time: 1hr 33

Background Info

We have been waiting for this one since we first saw the trailer pre-cinema. It also came highly recommended so the pressure was on for it to live up to our expectations. We’ve not seen much of Jake Gyllenhaal, either.

Live Blog

1:21 - I love the look if the film already. Great colours. 3:18 - Ooh, I like a train with a top level. Double decker train. 5:49 - Never trust a toilet with electric swooshy doors. You want a proper lock on there. 7:17 - Beleaguered Castle isn’t a very good base name. 9:55 - Lily! Get in! I got one right. 12:05 - Is her ringtone I Am the One and Only? I love it! 18:09 - She says irrelevant a lot. It seems quite a good way to shoot him down. 20:52 - How do they know it wasn’t Sean? 24:47 - I don’t think kissing was part of the mission plan. 34:11 - That guy is properly creepy. He sounds like a genius, but also an evil mastermind. 34:47 - “Source Code is not time travel, Source Code is time realignment.” 36:52 - It’s like Groundhog Day. 39:59 - I’m curious what he is seeing in between the Source Code and what I assume is real life. 41:54 - They must have spent a lot of filming days in the same clothes and on the same train. 45:31 - We both shouted out “BING!” 51:32 - Immaterial is almost as good as irrelevant. 54:21 - The lady’s emotional look is almost exactly the same as her disapproving look. 56:39 - Shooting him on the train wouldn’t help anyway, would it? 1:00:23 - Are we meant to know what that is? I don’t know what a dirty bomb is either. 1:01:41 - “We get to start over in the rubble, but first there has to be rubble.” 1:07:08 - I like how this film is funny despite the dire circumstances. 1:10:34 - If she’s been waiting for weeks for him to ask her for coffee, why didn’t she ask him? 1:16:59 - Not to break the moment but how is it possible to have such good, consistent phone service on a train? Even if you are on the top deck! 1:22:10 - Time is frozen with everyone on the train laughing too, that can’t happen very often. 1:23:41 - Oh, those are the bits in between. 1:26:45 - Huh. What an epic ending.


This is one of the best films I’ve seen in ages. It had everything going for it. There was plenty of action, without too much over-the-top CGI. It made you think, without being bamboozling. There was an excellent twist at the end, and a few questions left over, without being annoying. And, there was emotion and romance, without making me uncomfortable. I really don’t think I can fault it.

Rating: 5/5

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