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Published January 10, 2023

Apple marketing image of a TV, Apple TV and remote. The TV is showing a still of the movie Coda.

Apple have released a comprehensive round up of their 2022 entertainment and services - inevitably happy about how successful they have been - with wisdom from VP of the sector, Eddy Cue. There are lots of facts and figures, as you might imagine, but I do like the summary from Mr Cue:

It’s remarkable how much great content is at our fingertips; that’s a testament to the extraordinary work of creators worldwide. Never before have we enjoyed instant access to more cinematic original series, more engaging films, more global music, more creative apps, more essential journalism, and more immersive games and sports — no matter where you are, across all your favourite devices.

The report goes on to detail what’s been happening with the various services, and I thought I would review them myself to see how my thoughts tie up with the company that provides them.

  • App Store - I should look at this more, particularly the new and curated stuff, as I want to keep more on top of what people are releasing and how apps are developing. A secret new year’s resolution, perhaps.
  • Arcade - there are only a couple of games I like that are available via Arcade, but the ones I do like, I love. So it’s worth it.
  • Music - continues to make my album listening project possible, continues to have some great radio and playlists, but also continues to be bafflingly expansive to try and find things to play.
  • Shazam - I didn’t realise this was still called Shazam within the Apple ecosystem, but I have made use of it on occasion and it always blows my mind.
  • TV+ - endlessly amazing TV and films, keep up the good work.

This year, Apple TV+ is set to premiere highly anticipated original series and films from the world’s biggest storytellers, including new Apple Originals Dear Edward, Hello Tomorrow!, The Reluctant Traveler, and Shrinking; new seasons of award-winning and widely celebrated series such as The Afterparty, Schmigadoon!, Servant, Swagger, and Truth Be Told; and new films Argylle, Killers of the Flower Moon, Sharper, and more.

Yay, Schmigadoon is coming back!

  • Sports - just wish there was a replay option.
  • Fitness+ - continue to love this although a bit less so at the moment as I focus in on Les Mills stuff. The recent addition of kickboxing is interesting, I did try one and it was okay, although as always not being linked into the music makes it less fun than I think it will be. Curious about the new sleep meditations though. Always happy to get better sleep.
  • News+ - I like the magazine section of this more than the news, having access to a good selection of titles without having to bother with paper versions is brilliant.
  • Podcasts - Yea, I don’t use this. Maybe look at it once or twice a year.
  • Books - EVERY DAY. Got an amazing streak going.

The rest of the features mentioned are the more day to day utilities (maps, wallet, pay, etc) so I won’t go into too much detail for those. The best thing about this post is just knowing they’re still working on everything and still engaged and excited about providing the best possible content and services for the consumer. Hooray!

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