It's only a little miss

Published January 11, 2023

I don’t remember being particularly fond of the Mr Men & Little Miss books as a child or at any point in my lifetime, but they were certainly around. I potentially had an affinity with Mr Bump and was suitably horrified by Mr Tickle. I didn’t know they were still being created and books were still being released with new characters all the time, it must be quite the universe at this point.

A new Little Miss has been created in partnership with Ecover, the environmentally conscious household cleaning and laundry brand that attempts to get kids engaged with fighting plastic waste.

The new design for Little Miss Waste Less

Mr. Men, Little Miss and Ecover have teamed up to create Little Miss Waste Less. She’s here to help you and your little ones fight plastic waste. It’s really very simple when you think about it. All we need to do is reuse and refill what we already have. Like your Ecover bottles. When you run out of Ecover laundry liquid, washing-up liquid or even hand soap, you can fill up your empty bottle again.

There’s a free book with purchases, or you can download an ebook version, and why not? It’s a good idea to get kids at least thinking about plastic waste as early as possible. The book gets other characters involved (Mr Forgetful always forgets to take his bags for life to the shops… sound familiar?) and it’s really quite engaging.



We couldn’t have come up with a better name than Little Miss Waste Less? It’s not at all catchy, it’s a little bit pompous and there’s just no level of fun. I suppose the Mr Mens and Little Misses of this world are more about the ‘factually descriptive’ names rather than the ‘best possible puns’ but I still think we could have workshopped this a bit better.

Stick with it though, the book does come to an amusing ending with Mr Greedy, and we can all relate to that too, I think.

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