This is no ordinary album review section, this is a game and it has rules. They are as follows:

Mr C and I have one album choice each per week for 50 weeks of the year. The remaining two weeks are used to ponder best ofs and top fives and other annual round-ups.

I can only select an album that has been released within the current year or the previous one, and I am usually tracking current releases where I can.

Mr C has the rest of musical history to choose from. So when a new year rolls over, all the albums I didn’t get to as part of my remit suddenly fall into his playground instead.

What makes an album? Well, yes exactly.

We’re going for the following: Must be an album and not an EP, mixtape, or playlist. (It is getting increasingly hard to distinguish between some of these.) Must not be a greatest hits. The point of this game in the first place was to prove that an album is a distinct finely-crafted body of work. Mustn’t be an album full of covers. Couple of covers here and there are okay but I’m looking at you Weezer. An album of collaborations is fine, as long as they’re not all covers, Tom Jones.

Paranoid and Sunburnt by Skunk Anansie
Hot Fuss by The Killers
Stranger Songs by Ingrid Michaelson
Spice World by Spice Girls
Western Stars by Bruce Springsteen
Backstreet Boys by Backstreet Boys
Doom Days by Bastille
America Town by Five for Fighting
Happiness Begins by Jonas Brothers
Repeat Offender by Richard Marx
Living Mirage by The Head and the Heart
Falling Into You by Céline Dion
Free Spirit by Khalid
Ten by Pearl Jam
Beauty Marks by Ciara
Parallel Lines by Blondie
Chip Tooth Smile by Rob Thomas
Black & Blue by Backstreet Boys
Father of the Bride by Vampire Weekend
Tuesday Night Music Club by Sheryl Crow
Hurts 2B Human by P!nk
Sheer Heart Attack by Queen
Jade Bird by Jade Bird
Bringing It All Back Home by Bob Dylan