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Published January 2, 2023

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To kick off the new year, my first challenge is a health and fitness related one - to stick to a Les Mills challenge schedule. I was in two minds about this because, you know, the new year resolution to keep fit and change your life and be the absolute epitome of health is such a cliché and I am fully aware of that. But when I sat down and thought about it, the timing is perfect.

Rather than having a Christmas filled with indulgence and over-eating (I mean, there was plenty of gin and chocolate, don’t get me wrong), I actually found myself moving a lot more than I have been recently anyway. December really ramped up in terms of workouts and that puts me in the right frame of mind and motivation to try one of these Les Mills challenges. It just so happens that it’s also January when the rest of the world is going to be doing something similar. Oh well.

I’ve been a Les Mills subscriber for many years now, and love their products. The range of workouts, along with great options within each class, make it accessible and addictive. The music is usually great, the presenters become a bit like your extended family, and they have weekly releases to keep you engaged and keep wanting to pull on that sports bra. They’ve done a lot of work recently, as well, to improve the offering and product for Les Mills On Demand, now called Les Mills+, recognising that more and more people are choosing to work out at home rather than the gym.

They’ve offered guided schedules for as long as I can remember, offering a bit of direction for what workouts to do on which day if you’re not feeling inspired. They update these monthly, kind of like a workout playlist that refreshes each thirty days. But they’ve also got a good line in one-off dedicated challenges and this is where I’m getting involved. I’ve opted for what they call the Fast Fit Intermediate - which is 30 minute workouts (the Fast bit), six times a week (the Fit bit), for six weeks.

If I’m honest, I don’t have a lot of confidence of getting through this, which is why I’m only holding myself to the month rather than the full six weeks. I’ve tried sticking to these challenges before and given up after a day or so, but I always think it’s a good idea. My main purpose in going for the challenge is that I keep seeing them and keep wanting to do them and KEEP talking about it, so why not have a go and prove one way or the other if it’s my cup of tea.

So, lets lace up those shoes and get working!

A photo of feet with hands lacing up sports shoes

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