Another badge on the wall

Published September 21, 2022

In the latest updates to both watch and phone, Apple have paid a lot of attention to health and fitness with updates to sleep tracking, accident detection and workout setups. One thing I hadn’t realised is that they’ve also added a whole range of new badges based on your Fitness+ activity. I love badges!

A screenshot of Fitness+ badges in the Workout app on the iPhone

There have long been awards for trying your first of a new workout type, or maximising the stats for a workout, eg. most calories burned, furthest distance travelled, etc. Now there is a similar setup but exclusively for the Fitness+ collection, celebrating types of workout tried, number of each and total altogether, plus an intriguing workout streak. If there’s anything I love more than a badge, it’s a streak.

I didn’t notice the badges arrive and they seem to have been awarded retrospectively as I have loads of them despite only having done a couple of Fitness+ workouts since installing iOS 16.

With Apple also making Fitness+ available to users without the necessity for having a Watch, the opportunity is there for lots more people to get these badges. I just wish more had been made of them so I could have celebrated sooner rather than just stumbling across them by accident.

Now, gotta go workout, there’s a streak to be won.

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