Walk with the animals

Published September 23, 2022

In the first ten days of walking, I was really all about no pressure, just getting outside and trying to be consistent about it. The next 10 days have been a bit more adventurous and have seen me explore different routes around my immediate start point, try out some longer routes when time allows, and more importantly than anything, walk with some wildlife.

A brown alpaca in a pen with two other alpacas hidden behind it

I didn’t know alpaca walks were a thing until the past couple of months and then suddenly found myself upon one. Google it and they’re everywhere! And rightly so, it was lovely. A perfect day for it, blue skies and autumnal leaves, and five lovely alpacas plodding around a relatively short route. Learnt lots about the adorable beasts, especially their wool - or technically we should be calling it fibre - and particularly enjoyed seeing their different personalities come out.

I’m enjoying this walk-every-day challenge but I have to admit it would be even more enticing to try a trot with a different animal every day. Panda, anyone?

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