28 days later

Published February 28, 2023

An illustration of a young lady knitting with piles of wool and a cup of tea surrounding her, along with a cat playing with one ball of yarn

When I kicked off my February challenge of knitting, it was my intention to pop back in several times during the month and show off what I had made. I knew I wasn’t going to be producing sweaters and complicated patterns, but I thought there might be something worth shouting about.

Turns out, knitting takes quite a bit of practice and time. I spent the first part of the month remembering how to cast on and what the difference between purl and knit stitches are. I tried a couple of swatches to practice rib patterns and some very simple projects that just weren’t photo-worthy.

Things picked up in the second half of the month. I have actually ended February with a passable hat (using this wonderfully simple pattern), and a small cushion from a pattern in this book. I will be sharing pictures of them soon but didn’t quite get round to snapping the shots yet.

Never mind though, this is a hobby that’s going to stick. I really enjoyed the month, seeing things evolve and be created from just strands of wool is mind-boggling but a lot of fun. I didn’t necessarily like the bit where you piece it all together and sew seams and embellishments at the end… but you have to do that to end up with something actually usable. Oh well, a bit of practice and I’m sure that’ll be just as fun as the rest.

So even though I didn’t get as much done as I wanted, and don’t yet have any evidence to show you what was achieved, there’s going to be plenty more to report back on later. Watch this space!

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