A knit in time

Published February 1, 2023

February text

February has arrived, and that means a fresh challenge, another chance to try something new. Actually, this isn’t something new to me but something I’ve tried my hand at a long time ago and since mostly forgotten: knitting! A lot of my previous experience was based on knitting rows and rows of just plain stitches, marvelling as the length of knitted material grew, then frogging the sort-of scarf I made and starting over again. Pretty basic.

However, I do remember getting some knitting goodies given to me by a grandparent, and at one point getting really into it and making a jumper. A full on jumper with sleeves and everything. Now, I have no idea how I managed to follow a pattern, pick up any dropped stitches, or piece the garment together in the end, I’m assuming my lovely mother played a big part in actually seeing this project to conclusion.

So although I do know some of the basics, I really do think I’m coming at this challenge very fresh. I’ve bought some knitting needles, a handful of wool and a beginner’s book. The February goal is to try a bit of knitting every day and see how far I get. I’m hoping this will be a more restful hobby than January’s exercise-focused one, I know knitting can be a mindful activity and I’m looking for more of that kind of thing at the moment.

Here goes nothing, then, four weeks of knitting and check back in at the end of the month to see if I have a pair of handmade mittens to show for my work, or just a pile of discarded wool and shredded patterns.

A wicker basket with balls of wool next to a pile of woollen jumpers

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