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Published February 26, 2023

Every now and then, a topic on Mastermind catches my attention and I have to know whether I would do very well if I was sitting in the hot seat. This time, the contestant Hannah picked the topic of guest stars on Friends. I assumed this might be questions like ‘who appeared in this episode’ and ‘what guest star did this silly thing on the show’ but it was much harder than that!

Mastermind chair

Hannah got six points, and I think I would have got six also, a different six to her though. It’s so tricky!

  1. In Season One, Rachel and Monica go on a double date with doctors played by Noah Wyle and which other actor?
  2. In ‘The One with Phoebe’s Husband’, Steve Zahn plays the titular Duncan, who’s visiting New York as part of the cast of which skating show at Madison Square Garden?
  3. When Ross goes to the zoo to look for his monkey, Marcel, he meets an employee played by Dan Castellaneta, who describes which creature as an “ambassador of darkness” and a “sightless spectre of the macabre”?
  4. In ‘The One with the Ring’, Rachel asks her boyfriend Paul, played by Bruce Willis, to tell her about his childhood and he tearfully confesses that he had what two-word nickname?
  5. In ‘The One with Joey’s Dirty Day’, when Charlton Heston discovers Joey using his dressing-room shower on a film set, Joey says, “I guess you wouldn’t believe me if I said I was…” which actor?
  6. What’s the stage name of the stripper, Roy, played by Danny DeVito who’s been hired for Phoebe’s bachelorette party?
  7. Ross and his cousin Cassie, played by Denise Richards, watch what film which Ross believes is “the sexiest movie ever”?
  8. In ‘The One with the Male Nanny’, Freddie Prinze Jr guest stars as Sandy the childminder who has two hand puppets known collectively as The Snufflebumps. One’s named Mr Wigglebunch, what’s the name of the other?
  9. When Joey has an audition with a famous actor played by Jeff Goldblum, what two-word stage direction does Joey accidentally read out loud, thinking that it’s the character’s name?
  10. In ‘The One with Ross’ Tan’, Jennifer Coolidge guest stars as Monica and Phoebe’s annoying friend Amanda, who says that in 1992 she slept with which famous person?
  11. What’s the title of the episode in Season Three in which Ben Stiller plays Rachel’s date Tommy, who loses his temper with a man occupying his seat in the theatre?
  12. Monica becomes paranoid when she finds out that Chandler’s work colleague, Wendy, played by Selma Blair, was one the runner-up in a beauty pageant for which US state?

Answers here.

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