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Published March 2, 2023

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For a while now, I’ve had access to a digital Financial Times subscription and have I made any effort to make use of it? No, I haven’t. Mostly, I think the politics puts me off, but there’s so much the FT covers that I’ve really been missing out on some good journalism.

They cover politics, sure, and particularly the financial impact of such goings on, but there’s also a lot of business talk, marketing, global events, culture and interviews with some of the biggest and most influential names. There’s a lot to dig in and get reading.

Which is my chosen challenge for March. Peruse the homepage of the FT each day and read a couple of articles that grab my attention. If there’s nothing there of interest, that’s fine, but I have to admit we’re two days in and I’ve already found ten things I not only have read but also want to blog about, so this is going well!

For example, today’s interesting subjects (potentially these may not be available to non-subscribers):

Lots to get stuck into. I’ll check back in with a roundup of interesting topics later in the month and it seems like there’s going to be plenty to talk about!

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