Game plan

Published October 5, 2019

Just a quick update on my previous post about the launch of Apple Arcade. I listed five games that I played when they first came out but since then I’ve tried a couple more that are worth a mention.

We also investigated the new ability to pair a Playstation controller to the Apple TV and play games on the big screen - which can make a big difference depending which game you’re playing.

In that style, I played Way of the Turtle - a platform game where you steadily steer left, right, up and down to collect coins, avoid enemies and obstacles and search for your turtle friend. It’s ADORABLE.

We also had a go at Sayonara Wild Hearts which was demonstrated during the Apple event. It’s a good game to play with the controller, but if I’m honest, it made me a bit dizzy with so much movement.

Patterned is nice, relaxing mixture of colour and jigsaw game, but beautiful to play.

The marvellous Lukeh recommended Assemble with Care to me, which is a gorgeously crafted, relatively short game, with a lovely story behind it. You’re essentially tasked with puzzling through the repair of various items and whilst the gameplay is not difficult at all, it’s a really lovely way to pass some time.

And a couple I didn’t enjoy included Big Time Sports which was fun for two seconds but very quickly became frustrating, Painty Mob which was just a mind-boggling mess of messiness, and Dodo Peak which is actually a really good and clever game, but I found it really stressful.

Can’t wait to keep digging through these games, and to see what comes in the next batch!

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