Arcade fire

Published September 24, 2019

You know how people often say that technology can fix problems they didn’t even know they had? Well, Apple have fixed a problem that I definitely didn’t have – not enough access to games. Their recent launch of Apple Arcade is interesting and exciting for many reasons, but more than anything, when am I going to find time to play all of these titles?

On the one hand, I never really thought the app gaming world needed a revolution or a boost – there was plenty out there to play, free games, paid games, lots of choice, lots of variety. But on the other hand, if Apple can help put a bit of a spanner in the free-to-start-with-but-then-pay-to-actually-get-any-enjoyment-out-of-the-game model that has taken the app world by storm, then I’m probably glad to see it.

Whether the finances of it make any sense or not remains to be seen, and there’s always a question mark over the fairness of exclusivity deals, but hey, I’m just here to try out the many, many games.

Sonic Racing

Here are a handful that I’ve found and loved so far:

  • Dear Reader. A word game that messes about with the order and spelling of words and sentences, making your way through classic books. It’s more fun than it sounds – if you like words – and it’s a little bit educational too, although probably less than I’d expected.

  • Mini Motorway. From the makers of the addictive Mini Metro comes the motorway equivalent of the transport game. At a basic level it is “connect the roads to make sure the traffic gets where it’s supposed to be going” and it always starts off slow, lulling you into a chest-beating sense of superiority, then ramps up fast so you’re soon looking at an out-of-control city with angry passengers waiting everywhere. Fun.

  • Tint. A very relaxing mix-the-paints colour game that is a bit of a puzzle but mostly a fun way to make splotches on paper. Great for non-artists like me! You can save and share your masterpieces if you like, but on the basis of what I’ve achieved so far, I won’t be doing that.

  • Sonic Racing. This is just like Mario Kart, right? Only with Sonic? I did manage to crash this on my first play through but it’s fun, anyway.

  • Stranded Sails. This is a sort of role-playing game that looks like it eventually strands you on a desert island. So far, I haven’t even set sail in the ship yet, but it’s cute and the controls are a bit finicky but easy enough. My only complaint is that the father clearly has a full crew on his ship but is still making his daughter climb the rigging and set the sails by herself. Bit unfair if you ask me.

These are just some thoughts about some of the games, there are lots I haven’t even looked at yet, let alone thought about downloading. Plus, there’s going to be more added every month. PLUS, Arcade is launching on Apple TV today, which is more suited to adding an extra controller. We just happen to have a spare PS4 controller hanging around, so watch this space for more gaming thoughts!

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