Strictly Come Dancing 2019, Week 2 thoughts

Published September 30, 2019

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When I go Strictly, I like to go all in and whilst I have drawn the line at listening to the podcast this year, I’m keen to keep up the It Takes Two habit. I only just managed to fit them all in with a couple of hours to spare before we set about watching week 2’s show, but it got done.

And what did I make of week 2? Fun and fabulous, as always. Here are some notes I made along the way.

What the hell is Mike wearing?

Saffron took AJ home for a roast but they didn’t eat enough of it before settling in for some dancing. Finish the roast first, people! These two really aren’t aimed at me at all but I do think they’ll go far. I like her determination but she seemed to struggle with concentration face this week.

Everyone’s treating the “Anneka wearing a dress” think like it’s a little bit of a joke, but actually that can be a really big deal for someone who’s not done it before. She was SO GOOD. Graceful and gorgeous with so much improvement. Not perfect, but people love a journey and dancing like that to Whitney is heavenly.

Dev and Diane were good, but not mind-blowing. The jive is a bit of a pressure dance now with so many good ones in the show’s history.

Not sure what was going on with the Viscountess’ dance. Who were all those glowing people? Usually they put the graphics up when they’re trying to hide something… but maybe they were. Motsi’s critique was the best, in that it sounded like a compliment but blatantly wasn’t: “When you stood at the top, I thought it was going to be brilliant.” Massively overmarked.

It makes sense that the Charleston suits Chris Ramsay. His swivels were brilliant, but it wasn’t quite as fun as I thought it might be.

Emma looked terrified, but as she said, dancing Anton’s favourite foxtrot with the king of ballroom is a bit of pressure. There was a couple of moments where she went for it and it looked amazing. Need more of that.

Cracknell, breaking out the Ben Fogle early. There were some interesting comments about his brain injury and how he learns things. Unfortunately the dance was bad, so bad I couldn’t watch. And Luba dropped the pancake. Oof.

Still can’t decide how I feel about Ms Tyldesley, sometimes she comes across really well and sometimes I feel like she’s a bit whiny. The samba is one of the hardest and I’m not sure she pulled it off, but it did feel like she came alive halfway through, so there’s promise there.

Gio and Michelle are just brilliant. I love their love/hate relationship. Her work ethic. The fact that he is scared of her and not afraid to show it. AMAZING.

David James couldn’t hide his feelings very well, every time he got something right he smiled. But it was an okay routine and Nadiya is great at what she does. I thought the judge’s made it out to be worse than it was and undermarked it a bit.

Karim is good but looks like a child trying to dance with an adult. Good tricks, worry he’s a bit like Aston.

Oh god, Rhinestone Cowboy. I feel like Mike was pulling off the moves better than I thought he would but oof, that concept was bad and cringeworthy and I couldn’t watch. “You have a beautiful smile,” from Shirley. SO COLD.

I liked Alex getting advice from Michelle. It wasn’t the best but got better as she went on and gained confidence. Didn’t think much of the dress.

Pretty sure at this rate Kelvin is going to win.

Will was great and sharp, perhaps needed more hips but depends if he can do that. Lower scores than the comments suggested but I’m confident he’s done enough to get through.

Before the show started, I predicted the three I thought had the potential of going out, and Cracknell was at the top of my list. I also said Anneka though, and she nailed it this week, so I’m not that proud of my predictioning skills. Movie week already next week, and I have to say, this series has properly sucked me in. Roll on the movies!

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