No ugly mugs here

Published October 18, 2012

Every now and then, I take a quick look at what is available in the novelty mug market. I don’t know why I started doing this, as I didn’t really indulge in hot drinks when I posted the first one. Since then, I do boil the kettle more often, but I haven’t actually bought any of these novelties as yet. I wonder if there’s one I might purchase in this batch.

Back to the Future mug

If you want to catch up with the previous editions, there’s A Mug’s Game, Return of the Mug, and Turning games into mugs. Now, let us move on.

We begin with something nice and easy, a Back to the Future mug. There’s nothing particularly special about this one, I just want it. In fact there are quite a few culture themed mugs on that same site that are enticing, including the Elmo one and this Top Gun one . I think now I’m starting to drink more tea and coffee, I should start investigating the collection of culture mugs I could get.

Mr Tea mug

Next up, this Mr Tea mug. I love this. The mug itself is cool, simply for the Mr Tea reference, and then with the addition of the unsightly sovereign rings as well, it’s all good.

My only concern is that it doesn’t look all that comfortable to hold, and I’m very worried that my fingers would get stuck in there. I don’t want those rings on all the time!

Twitter hashtag mug

However, if that one looks uncomfortable, then the next one - the Twitter hashtag mug - looks positively impossible. How do you even pick that up? I like the idea, it’s unusual and creative, but not very practical at all.

There’s also a small problem in that, I’m not sure the Twitter logo ever looked like that, but either way, it certainly doesn’t now!

In case of emergency mug

And finally, there’s a bit of fun and games with this In Case of Emergency mug. The blurb suggests: “Our philosophy is, in case of emergency, take a break with a nice, hot cuppa to help you deliberate. The Take a Break mug, in the shape of an emergency alarm, will keep you refreshed and with a clear head, ready to act in case of an emergency.”

I find that it just makes me more nervous than anything else, and it would stand out quite a lot with it’s bright red blaring out on the desk!

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