Turning games into mugs - Pac Man, Battleships and more

Published July 7, 2011

It’s about time I posted another update of innovations in the world of the mug. I have posted a couple of mug selections before, but now I am drinking more tea than ever, so finally, I can envisage actually using them rather than just looking at them.

Battleship and Pacman mugs

In this world of ever-shrinking attention spans, it seems even a tea break needs to have some kind of entertainment involved. The concept of games on mugs is interesting, whether it is participatory or not.

  • Retro Pac Man Mug

I do like a mug that changes when it gets warm, although I have vague recollections of the heated bits on a mug we had when I was a kid getting weaker and weaker the more times it went through the dishwasher. Nevertheless, Pac Man is a fun vision when it appears, but it might be quite frustrating not to be able to actually play.

  • Battleship Game Mug Set

If you’ve got a tea-drinking buddy, I love the idea of sharing your tea break time playing a good ol’ board game. I just downloaded Battleships for my iPad, but playing it on a mug seems like an innovation as well. Maybe. I think I would be likely to take a sip and put my mug down the wrong way, spoiling the game somewhat.

Typeface and Rubik’s mugs

If you’re not using the mug to play games on, then just looking at it because it is fun is probably a good plan. I love the concept of colour and intricate detail on mugs, not necessarily at the same time.

  • Typefaces Table Mug

There’s also a proper Periodic Table mug but if you’re less interested in science and more interested in typefaces, like I know some people are, then it’s great to do a bit of research and learning whilst enjoying some caffeine.

  • Rubik’s Cube Mug

There’s nothing too fancy about this mug, except the fact that it looks awesome. Having battled through trying to complete a Rubik’s Cube, there is no greater sight than a completed one. My only concern is that it’s probably quite uncomfortable to drink from. Style over substance in this particular instance, I think.

Those are four mugs I have found on my travels across the interwebs. I’m sure I will return with another update on mug development in the future.

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