A final farewell for Brian Pond

Published October 19, 2012

The final episode of the recent half-series of Doctor Who episodes ended with Amy and Rory together but stuck in time. I wasn’t particularly happy with the episode as a whole, and there are plenty of plot points that still confuse me. Overall, though, it seems like a fitting end for the pair, and we’re now looking ahead to the introduction (re-introduction?) of the new companion at Christmas.

Except, there was some unfinished business with the last episode, and that was Rory’s dad Brian. He encouraged Amy and Rory to go off and travel with the Doctor, but was then left behind with no knowledge of what happened to the pair. They were stuck in New York so couldn’t ever come back, and he was left not knowing what had gone on.

The BBC have released a new video which goes some way to tie up that loose end of the story, in a moving scene that wasn’t ever filmed but was written and has now been put together with storyboards and Arthur Darvill voicing it.

It’s nice, although there are lots of things it reminds me of, which take away from it a little - particularly the letter that arrived at the end of Back to the Future II.

The feeling I can’t shake, however, is that it’s just been hurriedly put together because of overwhelming complaints about the plot threads left dangling. Was it really written in the script and then never filmed? Because that would seem to be a really important scene. It feels more like someone heard the fan reaction and quickly tapped something out on the keyboard.

Regardless, it’s good to know that Brian did get the message, and that he may be able to spend time with the new family member. I was worried he was going to be wondering and lonely forever, and this has calmed those fears.

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