Celebrity Mastermind - The Archers edition

Published January 8, 2012

Following hot on the heels of the Friends edition, Celebrity Mastermind featured a set of questions on The Archers, courtesy of politician Jacqui Smith. She had chosen to answer questions on the long-running soap from the 1980s to today, and I did not do very well at all. I got 5 questions right, and whilst I knew a few more of the answers but couldn’t think, I really wasn’t particularly good at this one. But, hey, how did you get on?

  • Listeners to The Archers were stunned when which long-serving character died falling off the roof of his house, Lower Loxley Hall, in January 2011?
  • What’s the name of the main department store in Borchester, one of the earliest stockists of Bridge Farm’s dairy products?
  • Lynda Snell has three llamas, Wolfgang and Constanza are two of them, what’s the name of the third?
  • What was the nationality by birth of Laura Wilson, who married Dan Archer’s brother Frank and lived at Ambridge Hall until her death in 1985?
  • What was the name of the village doctor who left Ambridge after having had a brief and scandalous affair with Shula, whose son Daniel was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis?
  • For what crime was Susan Carter sent to prison in 1993?
  • What is the name of the nursing home near Ambridge whose current residents include Jack Woolley?
  • Fallon Rogers is the singer with which band?
  • What’s the name of Eddie Grundy’s older brother who has spent time at Her Majesty’s pleasure?
  • Marjorie Antrobus was a breeder, exhibitor and owner of which breed of dog? Her last one was called Bettina.
  • What’s the name of the child born to Tony and Pat Archer’s only daughter Helen, who became pregnant via a sperm donor in 2010?
  • Which retired architect did Julia Pargetter marry in May 2005, just a few months before she died?
  • From which of her aunts did Shula buy the stables in 2001?
  • Kate and Lucas Madikane have two children. Their daughter is called Noluthando, Nolly for short, what’s the name of their son?
  • The Duchess of Cornwall recently appeared at Grey Gables in her role as president of the National Osteoporosis Society. Which charity was Princess Margaret supporting when she appeared in 1984?

I have posted the answers here, if you want to check up on your progress. I really need to listen harder!

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