Friday Five - Mr C's top five songs from 2011

Published January 13, 2012

We’ve had a look at Mr C’s top five films of the 2011 year gone by, and now it’s time to put those 12 months firmly to bed with his top five songs released in 2011. It was not such a great year for music in our household, with very little grabbing our attention. In fact, Mr C’s shortlist was only seven in the first place. However, we’ve pulled out the top five and these are his:

  1. Shake it Out - Florence + the Machine. “I must have been the last person in the world to hear this song, and since hearing it, it’s been played on every TV montage ever. It’s 2011’s jónsi, every anthemic montage will feature it. But still my favourite tune of the year.”
  2. Price Tag - Jessie J. “Musical moment of 2011 was when the young fan at Glastonbury was brought on stage to do the ultimate duet and created a definable moment in pop history. Handled perfectly, with a strapped up Jessie J,  despite not being able to move she managed to reach everyone at the biggest festival in the country.”
  3. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall - Coldplay. “Back on form and the very definition of British summer. I remember Radio 1 having a huge build up, most of the morning I was driving as they were going to unleash the premiere of this song. I thought they’d overdone it and gone too far, it could never live up to the hyperbole but it surpassed it. I turned the radio up as loud as it could possibly go.”
  4. Jet Lag - Simple Plan (feat. Natasha Bedingfield). “Vastly underplayed in the UK, especially as it features in Natasha. Proper air drumming track of the year. I defy you to sit still while listening to it.”
  5. Iridescent - Linkin Park. “Surprise of the year, Linkin Park go so mainstream, they’re entering Coldplay’s territory with this anthemic close to a mediocre movie.”

Honourable mentions (ie. the two that were also on the list but not in the top five) go to Adele with Someone Like You and Katy Perry with Firework. Both are great songs but massively overplayed on both English and American radio.

It’s worth pointing out that this time last year, Mr C granted Taylor Swift his fifth place song, and said: “This is as country as I’ll ever go.” That’s right before we watched Country Strong and he bought a couple of soundtracks. Eh-hem.

Can’t wait to check back in next year and laugh at him all over again!

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