Friday Five - Favourite films from Pixar

Published October 7, 2011

Yesterday, we watched Finding Nemo, partly as a way to make Mr C feel a bit better after his short but nasty bug, and partly as it seemed fitting after the sad death of Steve Jobs this week. When the news broke that he’d passed away, I wasn’t surprised to find my Twitter stream and RSS reader filled with posts about the man, but there were occasional crossover posts that surprised me. Seeing Formula One people tweet their thoughts on Jobs was a strange crossing of the streams.

I was also wrongly surprised when Total Film wrote a quick tribute to the man as well. He’s been so much on the tech side of things recently, that I’d practically forgotten his part in the excellent world of Pixar. It seems even more fitting then, to discuss my favourite five Pixar films.

Love, love, love the adventures of Lightning McQueen and Mater. The first film is perfectly crafted, with fabbo characters and great cameos from motorsport people. Everything I’ve heard about the sequel worries me. I haven’t seen it, so can’t really pass judgement, but I’m also worried it will ruin the first one for me.

My Film Watch for this film suggests it wasn’t as much fun on second viewing, but I do still love Mike quite a lot. Again, they’re making a sequel for this and I worry!

It’s fair to say that Despicable Me has overtaken The Incredibles as my favourite superhero animated movie, but Pixar’s version was first and still has plenty to offer. The concept of trying to live a normal life and be a superhero at the same time has never been better told.

We just finished watching this one yesterday, so it’s pretty fresh in my mind. As I summed up in my Film Watch conclusions, the good stuff is great, but the sad stuff is just slightly overdone in my view. I really love Dorey, though, probably because she reminds me a lot of me!

  • Boundin'

No other short has attracted my attention as much as this one has. I just love the whole concept, from beginning to end. I love the story, the rhyming and of course, the Boundin’. It’s the tapdancing that really gets me though. “And he’d break out in high stepping dance.”

Notes on the others

I know I have seen Toy Story and I may even have seen Toy Story 2 but I can’t place them at all. Mr C and I have a vague plan to catch up so that we can watch the third installment as well. The first film probably should be in the top five somewhere but I just don’t remember enough about it.

If I’ve seen A Bug’s Life, I really don’t recall it.

WALL*E deserves a mention because it was much better than I thought it would be, but it certainly wasn’t a favourite of mine.

I’m not planning on watching Up any time soon. The trailer didn’t sell it to me, plus Mr C has seen it and doesn’t recommend it.

Has anyone seen Ratatouille? It seems like that one never got as much coverage as the others.

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