178. Finding Nemo

Published October 7, 2011

Fast Facts

Title: Finding Nemo Director: Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich Year: 2003 Run time: 1hr 40

Background Info

With Mr C still feeling under the weather, we decided to go on and watch another film - two in a row! That’s quite an afternoon. We already had Finding Nemo on our list to watch as it had just appeared in HD on iTunes, and given the sad death of Steve Jobs this week, it seemed like a fitting time to give it another viewing.

Live Blog

1:50 - That’s a lot of names to come up with. 3:23 - Interesting how quick that fight scene was. Don’t want to distress the kids too much. 6:45 - Pretty sure going in and out of your house like that counts as OCD. 8:06 - “That’s a common misconception. Clown fish are no funnier than any other fish.” 11:19 - He’s like the best teacher ever! If more school was sung, it would be better. 11:58 - He does only seem to have one tune though. 16:04 - I like that he has to take a breath to go up. 18:53 - Bruce does quite a lot to help the damage Jaws did. Hilarious. 25:58 - Love that everyone is Australian. 26:47 - Puffer fish!!! 27:58 - It puffed! 30:34 - I’d quite like a starfish too. 35:47 - P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. I remembered it too. 39:42 - His foolproof idea sounds like my foolproof ideas. 42:19 - They’re like the Red Arrows of the sea. 48:08 - Ooh, I sense awesome turtles coming up. 51:50 - Duuude! 54:29 - “Give me some fin. Noggin’!” 58:25 - The scar on Gill’s face is really well done. 1:00:47 - Cleaning out fish is a grim job. 1:02:22 - “You mean the swirling vortex if terror?” 1:07:16 - She was doing snow angels in the green gunk! 1:12:59 - She doesn’t know something bad isn’t going to happen but it can’t be worse than clinging on to a whale’s tale. 1:17:56 - Love that he scooped up some water for them along the way. 1:22:28 - That fish has been through far too many tragedies, I’m not 100% sure the laughs make up for it. 1:28:47 - Who knew her song would eventually save her life? Just keep swimming!


This is great, it’s one of the films that came from Pixar at their best. The fun and adventurous stuff is as good as it possibly could be - laugh out loud and very engaging. Bruce was one of the best things I’ve seen for ages, and I loved Ellen as Dorey.

However, I do take a bit of an issue with the desperate sad stuff that happens as well.

I know lots of Disney and Pixar has sad things happen, it’s part of moving the story along, but poor Marlin goes through so many tragedies. I get that the loss of his wife and kids would have spurred him on to not lose Nemo as well, but… I just wonder if he wouldn’t have felt the same if Nemo had simply been one of his favourite kids. He still could have zoomed off after the boat, with a happy family waiting for him at home, rather than a tragically lonely anemone.

Either way, I just felt the sad bits were slightly too sad.

Rating: 4/5

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