23. Cars

Published November 20, 2009

Fast Facts

Title: Cars Director: John Lasseter/Joe Ranft Year: 2006 Run time: 1hr 51

Background Info

This is another film that we watched and live commented on during the Sidepodfilmclub event. I have extracted the comments I made as we watched for this Film Watch post.

Live Blog

00:02:04 - I would have thought mounting the wall might be a bit illegal. 00:03:15 - Even animated NASCAR graphics are better than FOM. 00:04:19 - That green car has quite a lot of sponsorship going on - it looks like the million dollar homepage. 00:06:22 - 214 laps is quite a lot and they’re not even done yet! 00:11:48 - Mr The King. It always makes me chuckle when people put Mr in the front no matter what. 00:12:45 - You would think they could just countback other wins rather than make a whole new race. 00:16:41 - Pulling faces at a tanker looks like fun. I might try that next time I’m on the road. 00:17:33 - There’s no Jeremy Clarkson on this version. 00:23:24 - Little car flies! Aww, and… gross! 00:34:01 - I wonder if they shouldn’t get that traffic light fixed. 00:34:35 - That does look like the most disgusting job in the whole world. 00:45:09 - Does tarmac dry that quickly? 00:48:05 - It’s not every day a cactus falls on top of you. 00:53:09 - I heart tractor tipping. 00:56:25 - He has no light and no wing mirrors either. They must think he’s the backwards one. 01:04:44 - Is this the obligatory romantic bit? Boo. 01:09:04 - I hope the traffic light worked back then. 01:17:23 - I can’t believe he left the road without a nice straight line. It’s all wibbly. 01:21:26 - Will he not get in trouble with his sponsors because he covered their stickers? 01:21:28 - Not that I’m obsessed or anything, but the traffic light just spontaneously broke again. 01:42:49 - It is a rather good cameo, I have to say. 01:46:37 - The drive thru bit blows my mind.


I’ve seen this before but it was even better the second time round - whether that has to do with watching along with many others I don’t. Pixar movies are always so finely crafted, they are a real treat.

Rating: 55

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