Monday, Monday, so good to me

Published October 8, 2011

Way back in February, I left the comfort of a good job with a vague idea of changing careers. It felt like the right time to do it and I knew I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to leave one job with time to look for another one - the right one - to come along.

I went for a couple of interviews here and there, but was not particularly enamoured with what I found. I was worried that my dream job didn’t exist. I still think it probably doesn’t.

But while I was struggling on the career front, I changed tack and wrote a book. Mr C just said one day that the Kindle world was one we could get into. I said I might have something of an idea. I started writing. Six months later, my two-part 365 F1 Stories book was published and started selling modestly well.

This was the closest to my dream job I’d ever gotten. Sadly, it doesn’t pay the bills. I started looking for work, and after an extensive search - one that took far longer than I’d hoped - I’m back to the day job on Monday. Looking for a job is never fun. Agencies, interviews, keeping up with who you’ve talked to and which irons you have in the fire, getting rejection after rejection, panicking as your bank balance keeps on heading in the wrong direction. Thankfully, just as I was starting to doubt that anyone would ever employ me, that I had ruined my employability forever, this opportunity arrived. Actually, three opportunities arrived at the same time, which is flippin’ typical. I thought that was just buses.

Part of me is looking forward to Monday, getting back into a routine, getting my teeth into a new challenge and getting some much needed funding in the bank, but part of me is nervous.

There are a lot of question marks hanging over it - when will I manage to fit in running? Will I remember how to wake up to an alarm in the morning? Are my feet going to hurt from wearing proper shoes for a sustained period of time?

Mr C suggested that I’d get a cold or something just before I’m due to start. That always happens. There’s something important going on in my life? Yea, I’ll be sniffling through it. Sniffled my way through my first really important day at college. Succumbed to hideous flu as I was working through my notice earlier this year. So am I surprised that for the last two days I’ve had a sore throat? No. I’m not sure it’s going to develop into anything worse (touch wood) but it’s nice to have something else to add to the panic list. Thanks, life.

I’m on a fixed term contract, and thus the future is still relatively uncertain. But for now, I’m glad I can get back to something of normality. Equally, I’m incredibly grateful I had the chance to take some time off. I hope I got the most out of it. I was worried I’d just sleep late and play the Sims all day. Three books later, I’m happy I have something to show for my six nine-month sabbatical.

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