Back to the Future Game, parts three and four

Published June 7, 2011

Lukeh alerted me to the breaking news that Michael J Fox will be making a cameo voiceover appearance in the final part of this five-part game series, and that made me realise that I hadn’t checked for new episodes on the iPad for a while. Imagine my surprise, then, to find out that both 3 and 4 had arrived without me noticing.

I got right on and started playing - I’ve got no major spoilers in here, but don’t read on if you’re saving yourself.

Back to the Future game

Part 3 was interesting, although it felt quite a lot shorter than the previous two. I don’t know if it’s because I played it in a bitty fashion, picking it up here and there, rather than all in one go. So when I sat down with an hour or two spare to really finish it off, there wasn’t that much left.

Having said that, even if it is just a transitional piece of the puzzle, I still loved it. The idea of utopian organisations gone wrong is something that appeals to me - Big Brother, the Dharma Initiative, all that kind of thing. Running a city within walls, with strict control, is only asking for trouble… but it’s pretty entertaining at the same time.

All the characters are there, including an appearance from Marty’s girlfriend Jennifer, and his mother Lorraine. Woohoo!

Marty is his same old self, but Doc, well, he’s changed.

Back to the Future game

Terrifying. I was glad when he was back on our side again.

Part Four continued the fun, and it struck me as the game got started that one of the key reasons I like it is that it mirrors the films. Marty visits a different period in time, but something gets messed up and it needs fixing. Same as the original trilogy, but with a different decade, a different result, and some great new ideas to go along with it.

Back to the Future game

There’s some marvellous headgear in this episode, and a few puzzles that need solving. I love that reference to Peabody, by the way.

So far, I’d say the third was the weakest of the games, with the fourth a little better. They’re not bad at all, though, and set things up for the big finale nicely. I never thought I’d see Doc and Marty fall out, so this is going to be fascinating.

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