30 day song challenge - Song you used to love but now hate

Published June 7, 2011

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I loved this song, but it is an example of the Glee effect. I’ve talked about Glee before, and I’m still impressed with how it has opened up music of all kinds to a wider audience.

But, and it’s a pretty big but, it can also ruin songs for you.

Now, I cannot hear Gives You Hell, without hearing Rachel Berry saying: “here’s your picket fence, love,” in that mock-angry-but-butter-wouldn’t-melt-really way. It’s not bad, really, but it just doesn’t fit the song, and I can’t take it seriously.

I stopped watching Glee after the first series, not for any particularly reason, except I couldn’t be bothered to search it out on 4OD.

Now I’m sort of glad of that, because who knows what other songs they might have ruined for me. Incidentally, Mr C says this is how he feels when a song has a bad video. I’ve always thought he puts too much stock in the videos for songs, but just as I can’t unhear the picket fence, Mr C can’t unsee a bad video.

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