L is for Landguard Fort

Published June 9, 2011

I only had a vague idea of a potential place to visit for this letter. I knew what K was, and I knew what M would be, so I needed to find something in between. My one idea seemed less appealing by the time I was ready to go, so I did a quick bit of googling and found this option instead - Landguard Fort in Felixstowe.

I was curious to see Felixstowe anyway, as I worked for a logistics company a long while ago and saw the place on many documents, without ever having been there. In reality, you’ve seen one port city, you’ve seen them all, but it was still interesting. The Fort is at the end of a really long hideous road full of speed bumps - I mean, at least five minute’s of bouncing around. It was worth it though.

Landguard fort

I’m assuming that it’s part and parcel of my love of all things underground house and bunker, because I loved the fort. Loved it! I was by myself for a good portion of the visit, although I did spot some other visitors towards the end. I’m not normally one for audio tours, because I’m impatient and like to visit at my own pace. However, I had to go with it for this one, as there was little in the way of signage and I would have been wandering around lost, likely to miss something.

Particularly when we started exploring the enclosed areas, and the long corridors, I was glad to have someone talking in my ear, even if it was just a recording. Seriously, this is something out of a horror film, no?

Landguard fort

The information was fascinating, although I was more interested in the “life at the bunker” part of things, rather than the “this is how they blew up boats at sea” part. Having said that, it’s never necessary to have so many scary looking models in one place.

Landguard fort

It was fun meandering around all the little nooks and secret passages of the fort. I was struck by all the bits specially designed for a purpose. This is where we hoist up the shells, this is where the fire buckets are stored, this is a tiny little bit for hiding in. Was the fort really designed with all that stuff in mind? How clever!

My only complaint was that the plastic bits covering the holes got in the way of a lot of pictures. I did my best, and I’m sure they are there for very good reasons, but it just took away from the realism ever so slightly.

Landguard fort

In conclusion, I highly recommend a visit to the Fort. I loved it. It might be the highlight of my adventure so far and now I’m going to go and plan my bunker.

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