How to keep up with Wimbledon

Published June 23, 2009

This year, there are more ways than ever to keep up with what’s happening at the hallowed tennis grounds, and I am grateful because each year I get more and more scatterbrained.

I extolled the virtues of the BBC’s coverage last year, and there’s more of the same going on for the next two weeks. From what I can tell, we can enjoy:

  • The Wimbledon live blog, giving updates from all over the competition
  • High profile live match updates - including video, and game by game commentary
  • Tennis programmes on the iPlayer, including a couple of matches each day in their entirety, plus the usual Today at Wimbledon fare.
  • Live radio and BBC Two streaming.
  • Tarango & Cash’s Wimbledon Tennis podcast.

That’s enough right there, if you ask me. However, the official Wimbledon site has some goodies on offer as well. There’s online video, the interactive draw plus some excellent live scoring.


There is also the obligatory iPhone App, which is annoying because it looks really good, is free, and I don’t have (or want) and iPhone.

If you’re a Twitter fan, you can follow updates, with some great insight and behind the scenes information, plus all the headlines you need to know. There are also pictures from the championship available on their Facebook page.

Let’s be honest, this is more information than any human could possibly need, and it’s best to pick and choose what you want. Better this way, though, than crawling into one corner of the office with a wind up radio and some earplugs, desperate for good reception to hear the latest scores.

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