Last week in June, first week in July

Published June 27, 2008

Wimbledon is always on at the same time every year, and yet this year, it completely slipped my mind. At one stage in my life, it was the sport I followed. Much easier than F1, as it only spanned two weeks of the year.

I even created a massive wall chart to follow the progress of players throughout one of the championships. It was gaudy, but I liked it.

This year I have very little time to consume anything tennis related, especially as it’s the same time as Silverstone testing and the British GP. I am incredibly jealous of the person I know who has taken the week off to revel in seven days of tennis-y goodness.

However, as limited as my time may be, I am still interested in who’s doing well and who’s fallen at the first hurdle. Seriously, Sharapova - what happened!?

The BBC, and yes, I know, why don’t I just marry them, but they are being a life-saver this year.

Firstly, there are the daily updates, just general chatter from the grounds. Very amusing stuff. Then there are the focused match live blogs, game by game updates. There’s also video, both live and updates. Today at Wimbledon is on the iPlayer, and there’s a podcast with Pat Cash.

Wow. What else could I ask for?

(Tickets, maybe?)

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