Don't even have to pick up the phone

Published June 23, 2009

If you trace the origins of our eating habits back far enough, you’ll find that a man would knock a rabbit on the head with a club, and bring it back to his cave for eating.


Fast forward a few millennia (have no idea about the timescale of humans?), and I had a pizza delivered to my house as a result of typing for a few minutes.

Of all the takeaway options, pizza is probably my least favourite, but after a hectic weekend it seemed like the ideal solution. I hit up google for some nearby outlets, and found that not only do Domino’s deliver, but they take orders online.


This may or may not be a new concept, I have no idea, because as mentioned, I rarely order pizza. The process is so simple though: Enter your postcode, choose your food, enter your payment details, hit the “Feed Me” button. It really said that. So cute.

And the food was speedy too.

This has revolutionised my way of thinking. I can order my groceries for delivering online. I can get takeaway food if I run out online. I can book my car in for MOT online (which I did recently, awesome idea too). The only thing I can’t do online now, it seems, is get my hair cut.

Surely it’s only a matter of time?

I don’t know how often I will use this pizza delivery option, but I am sorely tempted, if only because they sell Diet Coke. I am often running out. Do you think they would mind if I ordered ten bottles and no pizza?

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