The structure of things

Published June 23, 2009

I have found myself analysing blogging a little too much recently, but one thing has occurred to me that I hadn’t really thought about before. The blogs, or entries therein, that are based around a specific structure are very, very interesting.

For example, on this very corner of the interweb, I have a couple of ongoing projects - the Film Watch live blogs, and the Great Gardening Adventure. Now, I am bound to say these are interesting, I am biased like that. However, I have seen similar ideas on other blogs, and really enjoy reading them.

Book Reviews

Craig set himself the New Year’s Resolution to read more books. So far, he’s making pretty good progress], and by blogging about each book that he finishes, I feel like I am sharing in the journey. One year, when I was bored, I read about 60 books, more than one a week. This year I have read none, and therefore I am living vicariously through Craig.

Writing a Novel

Alex is busily writing a novel as well as trying to lead a normal life - whatever normal means, anyways. It’s hard work to keep up the motivation and in order to finish the last 60 pages, he’s been tweeting his progress. There’s a blog post about the idea and process behind tweeting (plus a handy graph!), and I have to say, even though this is a much more personal thing for Alex, it is fascinating to watch how the pages are stacking up.

Number 1 Singles

I remember a while back on the Chris Evans show, a blog was featured that is gradually reviewing every UK Number 1 single since the charts began. That is one heck of a task, and certainly falls under the category of structured blogging. I feel like this is something I should do to further my musical education, as I am trying to do with the films. Erm, perhaps another day, though.

Maybe it is just me, but I do like to watch the progression of something from humble beginnings to an ongoing series or fabulous conclusion. Blogging is the ideal platform for such things as well.

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