Goodies to read from the BBC

Published June 2, 2009

Now that I no longer keep up the BBC blog, I’ve found myself drowning in interesting tidbits that I want to share. So, this is that post, collecting together some of the latest things I have been enjoying from the vast collection of BBC blogs.

Moderation: Let’s Talk it Over

I know a lot of people get upset when their comments are moderated on a particular portion of the site. I don’t comment there, myself, but I do find having to skim through all those ’this comment was moderated’ really quite annoying. This post is a couple of days old, but they are actively asking for input on what would make the moderation process easier, so get in there and have your say if you’ve got an opinion either way.

iPlayer: BBC vs BT

This is part of the story behind the breaking news that BT might not be too impressed with how much bandwidth the iPlayer hogs. This has been rumbling along in the background since the iPlayer hit the big time, and it was only a matter of time before it became an issue. It’s currently a story on the News homepage as well, so we may see steps towards a resolution. I doubt it, though.

From ‘Taleban’ to ‘Taliban’

I really enjoyed this post, not really for the content, but simply because it’s a behind the scenes look at the world of the journalist - one that we wouldn’t normally get to see. The kind of editorial decisions made by a corporation as large as the BBC can easily got lost amongst all the output they produce, so highlighting things like this makes me very happy.

Microblogging the Editorial Policy Meeting

Another behind the scenes post, but this time about Twitter. It fascinates me (and slightly annoys me) how the BBC suddenly latched on to Twitter and started championing it as the next big thing (my post on the subject), so to read more about how these things are discussed internally provides great insight into what’s going on.

Fruits of my Labor

Lastly, this is really because of my own Great Gardening Adventure. Sara Cox has been growing her own vegetables and managed to get some good enough to eat. Yay! (What is up with the missing ‘u’ in the title?)

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