Those old time ads

Published May 30, 2009

I found this article on The Guardian very interesting. It talks about some of the elements that have been lost in advertising nowadays, compared to some of the classic adverts from yester-year. Although some of the points are contentious - like cigarette advertising, and seemingly promoting sexism - it does seem very true that adverts of the moment do not capture the imagination in the same way.

I quickly browsed YouTube for three adverts that I know I enjoy, and none of them are current ones. The only recent advert I can think that had the desired ‘cult’ effect is the Cadbury’s drumming gorilla. Otherwise, what is it about these ads that are so endearing?

The Shake and Vac Lady

This must be before my time, and I think I only know it because it’s famous for being a great advert… but it really is. The lady is just dancing round her living room, but wouldn’t you trust her to tell you how to get your carpets clean?


This isn’t the advert that I know, but the song is still the same. I want a Trio and I want one now. (I really do.)

Photo Begins with a PH

This ad was half cut off at the beginning of my Dirty Dancing recording, and therefore I saw it a lot. As a Fairy Liquid user, I can confirm I do not caress my hands in such a fashion. However, I do find the “I know, it’s photo!” gets stuck in my head.

Which ye olde adverts do you remember and prefer to the nonsense we see on TV today? Or are there any current adverts that you think make the grade?

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