Other microblogs are available

Published February 8, 2009

The BBC seem to have gone a bit doolally over Twitter. First it was Jonathan Ross spending at least ten minutes discussing the micro-blogging site with Stephen Fry. Then Radio 1 picked that up and ran with it, with at least three of the DJs signing up for Twitter accounts, maybe more.

Whilst it’s good to see radio branching out even more into the online world, this seems like a really odd move for the BBC. Couldn’t singling out one particular site go against their non-advertising charter? I haven’t heard a single DJ suggest that other social networks are available.

As an user, it is slightly irritating. I want to go back on Twitter and see what these people are up to. But I don’t want to use Twitter after being burned the first time. When will the BBC cover all the social networks? I hate to say: “As a licence fee payer…” because it sounds so pretentious. Especially in this case, where Twitter is free and therefore not costing them (and therefore me) any money. But it still seems to be a little bit exclusive, especially when vast majorities of the various shows are spent discussing their Tweets.

In the grand scheme of things, I’m not that offended by this latest turn of events. I’d rather the BBC were embracing social networking than not. I’m just surprised and a little curious about the editorial decisions that support this craze for all things Twitter.

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