Daydreams of sugar

Published June 3, 2009

I was reading this post from Alex about a giant sweet shop, and it made me think about all those old time confectionaries that are so delicious, but you just don’t eat anymore.

When the market visits, there’s a rather large pick ’n’ mix stall that has many, many varieties to choose from, but I never stop and look or buy. These days, it’s all about the bar of chocolate, or occasionally a pack of something silly like Haribo. There’s so much we’re missing out on!

A quick search turned up this amazing site - A Quarter Of - that stocks any kind of sweet you can think of. Literally, their slogan is: If they still make them, we aim to stock them. Browsing through there has turned up lots I could happily munch on right now, although I am amazed that some of the things are still in production!

I don’t really have the stacks of memories about getting sweets from a jar, although I did used to buy in such a fashion when I was much younger, from a shop that was yet to “get with the times.”

I have just remembered that we have a shop like this relatively near us, that we visited a year or so ago. I also remember that we exited with much more than we intended and spent the rest of the week feeling sick. Another case of nostalgia being better than reality.

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