I was up late last night with a very pretty brunette

Published April 11, 2006

Today we got up feeling a little bit tired. The reason for this is a little thing, it’s called Tomb Raider. That’s right. Another game we’re obsessed with.

It came out on Friday, and whilst I was at work, Mr C purchased it, played it and sent me an email saying how it was. It went something along the lines of “Controls a bit better, but not great. Graphics a bit better, but not great. Puzzles good, shooting people bad.”

And that’s pretty much the opinion. I can see that a lot of it is totally ripped from Prince of Persia, the swinging around bars, the time shift shooting motion, and the jumping from pole to pole (which, by the way, is the hardest thing to control ever, and they really need to sort that out). But the puzzles are fantastic, they’re pretty much why we like the game. You’re in a room, there’s a bell, a box and a pillar. What do you do? Climb up the pillar, swing the chandelier and ring the bell, obviously.

The end of level bosses are just stupid. They’re not fun. Finding out how to kill them isn’t fun, and dying 500 times in the process isn’t fun either. We’re stuck on what is the very last boss, and of course, the most difficult. I really can’t see the point. We know it’s the end of the game, and it just isn’t fun. But Mr C has that dog-eared determination that makes a true gamer and he will see it through to the end. Then he’ll go back through and pick up all the hidden secrets and unlockables that we missed along the way. Looks like they’ll be many more yawning mornings to come.

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