San Marino 2006: Driver of the day

Published April 22, 2006

So, basically, this race sucked and did nothing to improve my mood. I’m not even going to talk about Jenson Button because there aren’t really enough words in the dictionary. Alonso should have won but didn’t. Schumacher won. He’s an idiot.

A spectacular rolling crash from Albers at the beginning was about the only incident, which makes for quite a boring race. Everyone seemed to have bad luck, Raikkonen was nowhere to be seen, Coulthard slipped out of the race without making any impact whatsoever.

Technically my driver of the day should be Schumacher because he drove a really good race, kept his head, had a good strategy and pulled it off. But I would rather saw my right arm off than give Schumacher any kind of praise whatsoever, so you’ll have to forgive me for saying, instead, it is Montoya.

I can’t say that he did anything special, but he ended up on the podium, didn’t do anything stupid and outranked Raikkonen.

My favourite bit of the entire race was the ITV coverage at the end when Ron Dennis was trying to say how Alonso’s race engineers made a bit of a mistake: “They tried to out-stratig, out-stratif… uh, they changed their strategy and it didn’t work.” Haha, out-strategise? Out-stratify? Hmm…

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