We Can't Dance by Genesis

Published April 10, 2022

We Can't Dance by Genesis

Album info

  • Title We Can't Dance
  • Artist Genesis
  • Year 1991
  • Genre Rock


  1. No Son of Mine
  2. Jesus He Knows Me
  3. Driving the Last Spike
  4. I Can’t Dance
  5. Never a Time
  6. Dreaming While You Sleep
  7. Tell Me Why
  8. Living Forever
  9. Hold On My Heart
  10. Way of the World
  11. Since I Lost You
  12. Fading Lights


It’s hard for me to describe this album without sounding like I didn’t like it… but I did. It’s a great Genesis album and a great vehicle for Phil Collins - particularly as some of the songs sound like they have come straight off a Phil Collins album. I generally enjoyed the album, and Jesus He Knows Me gets stuck in my head far too easily, but the thing about it is, it’s so long! Well over an hour, with several of the songs nearing the 10 minute mark. One you could get away with but more than that and I start to get annoyed. But I liked it, honest!

Rating: 3 / 5

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