Rockin' All Over the World by Status Quo

Published May 1, 2022

Rockin' All Over the World by Status Quo

Album info

  • Title Rockin' All Over the World
  • Artist Status Quo
  • Year 1977
  • Genre Rock


  1. Hard Time
  2. Can’t Give You More
  3. Let’s Ride
  4. Baby Boy
  5. You Don’t Own Me
  6. Rockers Rollin'
  7. Rockin’ All Over the World
  8. Who Am I?
  9. Too Far Gone
  10. For You
  11. Dirty Water
  12. Hold You Back


My dad pointed out that I hadn’t listened to any Status Quo during this album adventure, so I put it on the list and snapped it up straight away. I know a couple of the more famous songs, and know of the ‘Quo for opening up on Live Aid, but otherwise I’ve not given them too much thought previously. It’s quite a good album, this one, the nice thing about Status Quo is they have a guitar style that you can instantly recognise. In the same way you know Johnny Cash from his train style beats, Quo have that riff that you can shake your shoulders at and the theme continues through the whole album. Fun!

Rating: 3 / 5

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