Kim Wilde by Kim Wilde

Published September 5, 2021

Kim Wilde by Kim Wilde

Album info

  • Title Kim Wilde
  • Artist Kim Wilde
  • Year 1981
  • Genre Pop


  1. Water On Glass
  2. Our Town
  3. Everything We Know
  4. Young Heroes
  5. Kids In America
  6. Chequered Love
  7. 2 6 5 8 0
  8. You’ll Never Be So Wrong
  9. Falling Out
  10. Tuning In Tuning On
  11. Shane
  12. Boys


I sort of assumed Kim Wilde was a one hit wonder, Kids in America being a pop anthem but what else? Turns out she’s had a few albums but this was the first. If you like Kids in America, you’ll like the rest of the album because it’s all pretty much the same. It’s good pop but it really does all sound like riffs on the one successful song. There’s a bit of reggae thrown in for good measure, but mostly, it’s much of a muchness.

Rating: 2 / 5

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