Foolish Loving Spaces by Blossoms

Published February 8, 2020

Foolish Loving Spaces by Blossoms

Album info

  • Title Foolish Loving Spaces
  • Artist Blossoms
  • Year 2020
  • Genre Alternative


  1. If You Think This Is Real Life
  2. Your Girlfriend
  3. The Keeper
  4. My Swimming Brain
  5. Sunday Was a Friend of Mine
  6. Oh No (I Think I’m In Love)
  7. Romance, Eh?
  8. My Vacant Days
  9. Falling for Someone
  10. Like Gravity


This is a reliably good album from Blossoms, they have a sound and they stick to it, so there’s nothing outrageous or unexpected as you travel through the ten tracks. It’s quite short, in this current climate of longer and more self-indulgent records, but it’s good.

There’s a feeling when you first put it on of joy, a little sparkle of looking forward what’s to come. I don’t think that is sustained through the whole album as it sort of starts to sound the same as you get towards the end, but it’s still good enough to be worth it.

Rating: 4 / 5

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