Communards by The Communards

Published February 8, 2020

Communards by The Communards

Album info

  • Title Communards
  • Artist The Communards
  • Year 1986
  • Genre Pop


  1. Don’t Leave Me This Way
  2. La Dolarosa
  3. Disenchanted
  4. Reprise
  5. So Cold the Night
  6. You Are My World
  7. Lover Man
  8. Don’t Slip Away
  9. Heavens Above
  10. Forbidden Love


Welcome to my first ever unrated album. The rules of the game are that I should listen to each album twice to make sure I’m not just making a snap judgement, and that those that grow on you a little have a chance to start to bed in.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get through this one a second time. I didn’t even attempt to, if I’m honest. After the first listen I was flabbergasted. Don’t Leave Me This Way is a great song but it has absolutely no similarity to the rest of the album and totally leads you into a false sense of expectation.

There’s the constant falsetto which didn’t bother me quite as much as it did on the Bronski Beat album, but when you combine that with the jazzy tracks and noodling about with instruments for no real reward, well, I’m sorry, but I’m out.

Rating: Unrated

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