Foo Fighters by Foo Fighters

Published April 2, 2022

Foo Fighters by Foo Fighters

Album info

  • Title Foo Fighters
  • Artist Foo Fighters
  • Year 1995
  • Genre Alternative


  1. This Is a Call
  2. I’ll Stick Around
  3. Big Me
  4. Alone + Easy Target
  5. Good Grief
  6. Floaty
  7. Weenie Beenie
  8. Oh, George
  9. For All the Cows
  10. X-Static
  11. Wattershed
  12. Exhausted


Listened to this in honour of the sad passing of Taylor Hawkins, my first Foo Fighters album on this journey. I went through a period of loving Foo Fighters music but it was after they’d been around for a while. It’s so interesting to follow the journey of the band, from Dave Grohl’s earlier experiences in Nirvana to blossoming out and becoming frontman of this new adventure. This album is a great debut, full of rock and angst and rage but more importantly showing all the hints of the band they’re going to grow into.

Rating: 4 / 5

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