Elastica by Elastica

Published August 1, 2020

Elastica by Elastica

Album info

  • Title Elastica
  • Artist Elastica
  • Year 1995
  • Genre Alternative


  1. Line Up
  2. Annie
  3. Connection
  4. Car Song
  5. Smile
  6. Hold Me Now
  7. S.O.F.T.
  8. Indian Song
  9. Blue
  10. All-Nighter
  11. Waking Up
  12. 2:1
  13. Vaseline
  14. Never Here
  15. Stutter


I can’t believe Elastica only had two albums altogether, and only really this one has stood the test of time. It’s so good! Some really good pop rock punk combo, with unique elements and interesting riffs and beats that I’ve not really heard anywhere else.

Justine’s voice leads the way, and it’s reminiscent of Blondie in that way. A too-cool-for-school female leading the way in what would previously have been a male-dominated genre. Loved it.

Rating: 4 / 5

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