folklore by Taylor Swift

Published August 1, 2020

folklore by Taylor Swift

Album info

  • Title folklore
  • Artist Taylor Swift
  • Year 2020
  • Genre Alternative


  1. the 1
  2. cardigan
  3. the last great american dynasty
  4. exile
  5. my tears ricochet
  6. mirrorball
  7. seven
  8. august
  9. this is me trying
  10. illicit affairs
  11. invisible strong
  12. mad woman
  13. epiphany
  14. betty
  15. peace
  16. hoax


This album is so unlike other Taylor offerings in many, many ways. Firstly, it just popped up out of nowhere, with very little warning, just bam, there’s an album of 16 fresh songs for you. Enjoy. That’s not the fanfare we know from Swift gone by.

Also, I noticed that Apple have badged this in the alternative genre. Which means Taylor has now moved from Country, passed through Pop, and is full on Alternative now. Amazing.

My first listen through this was, I’ll admit, a bit disappointing. It has a slow, slow pace, with very few upbeat songs, and I thought it was a bit boring. As always, the first listen isn’t the one to fully judge an album on. Second time through, I could start picking out the good songs, and that gives me something to work with.

I think my feelings for this album are quite similar to the previous one, Lover. It’s too long, with a few songs that are just padding, and that makes it a bit self-indulgent. But there are some great pieces on there, so that really, it doesn’t work for me as a whole but there’s still some elements of greatness scattered throughout. Good job TayTay!

Rating: 3 / 5

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